How to be the perfect Client

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  David Ogilvy, the much-quoted marketing guru, famously said that clients “get the advertising that they deserve”. Today, the marketing mix is infinitely more complex but his observation is still pertinent and applicable to all agency relationships. Sadly, so many clients unwittingly or willfully […]


Co-op rediscovers its lucky clover

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The Co-operative’s decision to reinstate its distinctive clover leaf logo is more than a superficial exercise in re-packaging. It heralds a return to the organisation’s core values and reminds us that the Co-op has been a progressive force in the market for over […]


Asterisks are killing creativity

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As regulatory constraints tighten, advertising is increasingly riddled with legal caveats and explanatory footnotes. It’s time to draw a line before we suffocate the creativity that’s essential for great campaigns. The asterisk* is now ubiquitous in advertising copy. Fearful that evil marketers might mislead […]


3D Pioneer and his Magic Dragon

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Lenny Lipton is one of those people that just can’t stop creating extraordinary things. He has hundreds of patents to his name, most notably for technologies that make 3D cinema possible. But perhaps Lipton’s strangest achievement is that he’s the creator of Puff The […]


The Programmatic Consumer

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Many marketers are still struggling to fully grasp the implications of programmatic advertising. They need to pick up the pace because a new consumer phenomenon is emerging.  According to a recent report from Forrester, less than 50% of marketers claim to truly understand programmatic […]